Healthy Eating On The Road (1)

Driving towards the Colorado mountains last June.

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve decided to dedicate Friday to non-recipe posts. These will focus on other thoughts about our health and the environment. First up is a series about how to stay healthy while travelling! If anyone is away over the weekend, this post might be just what you’re looking for. Shout out to my fellow musician friends who know how tough it is trying to eat healthily while on tour. We’ve all been there: you’re on a healthy streak of eating well and even exercising a bit, when suddenly you get a call to play a gig in the middle of nowhere, and before you know it, you’re deciding between a McDonald’s burger or that dodgy-looking sandwich in the petrol station. Not very inspiring. For anyone who travels a lot for work or otherwise, here are some things I’ve found useful for keeping healthy while on the road:

1. ALWAYS bring water.

Multnomah Falls, Portland, OR.

This is so simple, yet so easy to forget! And it’s a great place to start if you’re trying to make some small changes. Try stocking up on couple of bottles of water before you take off (or if you’re flying you might need to wait until you’ve landed), so that you always have some on hand. Fun fact: a lot of the time that we think we feel hungry, we’re actually just dehydrated because our bodies can sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. So one possible way to keep hunger pangs at bay is to sip on water during your travels. Not only will you feel fuller, but you’ll also feel more energized, awake, focused, and (for the touring musicians who enjoy the occasional drink) less hungover!


Easier said than done, but sooo important if you want to be able to eat healthily while driving through the arse end of nowhere. The day before I go away, I usually try to make time to go shopping and stock up on a big bag of mixed nuts and/or seeds  (unsalted and raw is best- and just make sure to read the ingredients list for any weird additives before buying!), maybe a few fruits and veggies, and some other snack ideas which I’ll elaborate on in my next post.

It’s always great to start as you mean to go on, so if I have time I attempt to make the first day as healthy as I can (the calm before the storm). On the morning you leave, how about giving yourself a little extra time in the morning to make a nice healthy breakfast at home (scrambled eggs and veggies, or a big bowl of porridge), and prepare a packed lunch? Either a salad, sandwich, or some leftover dinner from the night before. Then you’ll only have to buy dinner out! Look at you, being healthy and saving some pennies at the same time!

3. Buy REAL FOOD snacks.

An amazing spread at a City Growers fundraiser, Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, NY.

It may seem obvious, but when we’re in a rush it can be easy to forget that snacks don’t actually have to be packaged in the form of a granola bar or bag of crisps. There are plenty of real, whole foods out there that keep pretty well in the car, are pretty easy to find on the road, and are far healthier and filling than sugary granola bars! Fruits like apples and bananas are usually easy to find, as are nuts and dried fruits like raisins or dates. If you pass a grocery store, some baby peppers or carrots and hummus can make a delicious savoury roadside snack, or some avocado mashed on crackers. Or how about peanutbutter on apple slices? There are so many real foods out there that need little to no prep- it’s just a matter of thinking outside the (snack)box a bit!

4. Break up with COFFEE: Make friends with GREEN TEA.

It is tempting to rely on coffee as a crutch to get your through the tour, but personally I find the more run down I get, the less my body can handle it! The first few days are great, but after a few late nights coffee often starts to make me jittery for a couple of hours. Next comes the giant caffeine crash, and finally the hanger sets in. If this sounds all too familiar, try to limit the coffee to once in the morning, then switch to green teas the rest of the day to keep your energy levels a bit more balanced throughout the day!

Do you have any tips for keeping healthy on the road? If you do, please feel free to share them here or on Instagram, I’d love to hear from you!

Teeny x