Welcome to the Teeny Green Kitchen blog! It is inspired by my year of living in NYC where I spent the first half of it with a coffee cup attached to my hand at all times, and eating out every day. Then I escaped the urban jungle to go on a month-long road trip. It’s funny the things you start to appreciate when you spend a month in a tent. I came back to New York determined to find a little corner of greenness and sustainability┬áin the city, and ended up working on an organic rooftop farm where I learned about the importance of supporting local businesses, avoiding industrially farmed products, and making a difference by voting with your dollars (or euros). I started to cook more often, and tried to buy local when I could. I’m still learning about how to make more ethical choices in the kitchen, so hopefully this blog will help me to stick to it.

The recipes I share here are my whole food, (mostly) plant-based kitchen experiments. I believe we could all make a difference to our health and to the environment if we cut down on the quantity of industrial animal products and processed foods we eat. The recipes you’ll find here are not about totally avoiding meat or dairy, but are about trying to do more of the veg and less of the processed stuff. A lot of people are already doing this because it makes them feel ten times better. This is definitely a huge part of why I’m doing it, but also I’ve been thinking more about the bigger picture of how our food choices affect both our environment and our food systems as well as our bodies.

*Disclaimer: Any posts, opinions or information provided in this blog are from my own experiences, or from the knowledge I’ve built up from studying nutrition in college and in various health-related workplaces. Although I have a nutrition degree, I am NOT a qualified dietitian nor do I claim to be one, so please check with a medical doctor or registered nutritionist/dietitian before changing your diet! My blog is meant to be used for informational purposes, not as medical advice. YOU are ultimately responsible for all decisions relating to your own health ­čÖé┬á