Hello and welcome to the Teeny Green Kitchen blog! I’m Christina (or Teeny to family and friends). I’m a musician, teacher, and health and wellness advocate who grew up in Ireland, but am currently living in the U.S.


My interest in health and wellness began when I was a teenager who was diagnosed with Raynaud’s (basically, my hands and feet are always cold. It’s not serious, but can be annoying). I was prescribed a medication that is usually given to middle-aged people with heart disease. My mom wasn’t really into this idea. Instead, she suggested I help my circulation by eating lots of garlic and ginger, and taking up running. From then on, I loved nerding about how food could be used as medicine, and was drawn to study Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Trinity College Dublin. 


In 2016, after performing and travelling for a few years, I moved to NYC. After about 6 months of eating out every day, working nights, and getting caught up in the busy lifestyle of the city, a lot of minor health issues and allergies started to flare up for me. It was time to reset to a  healthier, more sustainable lifestyle again, like I did when I was younger. I started to work on a rooftop farm where I learned about the importance of eating local produce, avoiding industrially farmed products, and making a difference by voting with your dollars (or euros).


Now I live in upstate New York, a five minute walk from an organic farm and a five minute bike ride from a small town. I’m still learning what food and lifestyle choices help me to feel best, so this blog is a platform for me to document my journey. I’m really excited to explore all the great local farm-to-table things that are going on upstate right now, and can’t wait to share them with you!




Teeny Green Kitchen is about enjoying simple, local, and healthy food. The recipes are mostly vegetarian and dairy free, and always wheat and refined sugar-free. This way of eating seems to work best for me at the moment, but as you’ll see in my posts, I encourage you to adapt them to suit your own tastes, cultures, and dietary needs.

Teeny Green Kitchen is not about following a strict diet or swearing off bread or ice cream for life. It’s about enjoying more veggies, eating less industrially processed stuff, and supporting local farmers/businesses who are doing good things. I believe we could all make a difference to our health and environments by being more mindful about where our food is coming from. By choosing to support local, ethical food businesses over industrial corporations, we can do a little bit of good for our minds, bodies, communities, and for the planet. We’re all connected!

Hope you find something for you here, and thank you for reading 🙂


*Disclaimer: Any posts, opinions or information provided in this blog are from my own experiences, or from the knowledge I’ve built up from studying nutrition in college and in various health-related workplaces. Although I have a nutrition degree, I am NOT a qualified dietitian nor do I claim to be one, so please check with a medical doctor or registered nutritionist/dietitian before changing your diet! My blog is meant to be used for informational purposes, not as medical advice. 🙂